Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Morning Cardio - No Abs

I have been hitting it hard in the gym over the past few days and had planned today to be a complete rest day, although I woke early (as I normally do now as my body clock has settled back into its old routine), so I decided I would just go to the gym and do cardio, and possibly some abs, depending how I felt after.

As per usual, I drink close to half a liter of water when I wake, and then take 5g of L-Glutamine along with 5g of BCAA's, 6g L-Glutamine, and 2 capsules of LA FatStripper Intense.

I knew even before I had got into the gym that it was perhaps not the best idea to had come, as I had that feeling just behind my eyes that I get when I feel my body is over stressed - often in the days before coming down with a cold, but I hoped that that was not the case.

I was in no mood to do any type of interval training, so figured at least if I sat on the bike and kept my HR at least above 60% (MHR) then it would be worth coming for.

When doing steady state cardio, I normally read, and today I continued reading a book that I have read many times before, and was one that had I of not read before, would have written one almost word for word. The book is called 'Everything you need to know about fat loss' by Chris Aceto. If you have't yet already read it from cover-to-cover and then re-read it time and time again, I strongly urge you to!

No much to write about for my cardio. Just 60mins on an upright bike with an intensity level ranging from 12-14 and an RPM of around 60. Then I went home, and ate breakfast (oatmeal with added coconut oil and sweetened with Stevia), and a Chocolate-Mint, BSN Syntha 6 shake.

Plus a further 5g L-Gluatmine, 5g BCAA's, and my multi-mineral supplements, and as of today - 8g of EFA's

I feel well rested today. Check back tomorrow for another double-gym session, and a heavy legs session. I'll try and get some video of it too.