Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Tuesday 18th: Shoulder Day

Just a quick entry today as I've been busy packing for my week-long trip to London tomorrow, and preparing for my seminar at the end of the week.

Although I'm 5 months out from stepping on stage at the WBFF World Fitness Championships in Toronto in, I've already started training with the final date of September 18th in mind.

Over the next 2 months or so I will be training heavy with low reps (5 - 7), focusing on negative, or eccentric lifts to really overload the muscles, forcing them to grow.

Today I trained shoulders with my friend Jeremy (who used to play the son of David Hasselhoff, Hobie, on Baywatch for 11 years), who also favors heavy training, mixed in with powerlifting and explosive exercises. It should be an interesting two months to see how my body changes, as I'm already close to my all-time strongest, and yet am still lean enough at around 9% bf with my abs showing.

We trained at the Equinox gym on Sunset Blvd in Hollywood (not my usual gym), where many celebs go to workout, or be seen. I didn't really notice any even if there were as I'm so into my workouts normally that most of the time I couldn't even describe 10 people who were in the gym at the same time as me.

It was a well-eqiuped gym, and provided everything we needed for out heavy shoulder routine.

Here is the routine that we did.

Seated Dumbbell Press:
12 x 45lbs,
10 x 55lbs,
6 x 65lbs (Used as a warm-up exercise before going heavy on the following exercises).

Seated Military Barbell Press: (Behind the neck):
8 x 135
6 x 145
5 x 155 (spotted)
4 x 185 (negatives)

Seated Military Barbell Press: (Front Chest):
9 x 135
4 x 155 (negatives)
7 x 145

Seated Rear Cable Fly:
10 x 30 (each arm)
10 x 35
8 x 35

Standing Lateral Raises:
10 x 35
10 x 35
8 x 40

Standing Bicep Curls (EZ Bar):
10 x 75 (warm up)
8 x 105
6 x 105 (slow eccentric lifts)
4 x 115 (negatives)

Standing Alt. Dumbbell Curls:
6 x 45
6 x 45

My delts were pumped after this workout, and my biceps were full and hard. Next time I'll try and take a few pics of the exercises that I do, although it's a bit difficult in a gym like Equinox to take any video or photo.

During the time that I am writing this I am uploading a heavy chest workout that I did with Tyler Sarry, a fellow fitness model and trainer from Canada. You can check it out on my YouTube channel: www.youtube.com/rjriches

I'll be flying to London tomorrow so may not get a chance to post anything, although I'll use my phone to take pictures of any of the meals that I take with me on the plane to show you what I eat (before a photoshoot) when travelling.

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