Friday, July 3, 2009

Shoulders and Biceps @ Gold's Gym, Hollywood

Today I workout with my good Buddy, Dave Catudal at the Gold's gym that he works at in North Hollywood. I always love training with Dave as we both have the same mentality when it comes to 'all or nothing' so we always push each other and motivate each other to often more than we can when we train alone. Plus, Gold's Hollywood is a different gym than I am used to training in, and so that also kept my motivation high, and helped get me through my workout, which are now becoming increasingly more difficult - as I push for every last muscle fiber to be taxed before ending my workout, as every session really does count now that it's down to the final 10 weeks.

For the full breakdown of my workout - check out my Bodyspace link here.

Made some great gains this workout, and lifting with someone different (on the same page as I am when it comes to training), and switching up the locations every now and then can really help towards pushing your workouts, and therefore your progress into an entirely new level.

For full updates on my training progress, check out my fitness website:

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