Monday, June 29, 2009

Morning Cardio/Abs Blast

Up at 6.15am today - a little later than I wanted to, as I normally set my alarm for 5.30, but I had a bit of a late night last night watching Slumdog Millionaire. If you haven't already seen this film, I urge you to watch it. One word. Incredible.

Ok, so back to the training, which is why you guy's follow me, and not to hear about which films I watched last night :-)

Right, so upon waking, I consumed 1/2 liter of water, with 5g of L-Glutamine, plus 5g of BCAA's.
I also took 2 LA Muscle Fatstripper Intense and 5g of L-Carnitine.

Once at the gym, I did 20 minutes of HIIT on the upright bike:
3 min warm up @ Level 7 Intensity (out of 20), and 70RPM
then 10 x 1 minute sprints, where I turned the intensity up to level 12 and maintained an RPM of no less than 100. During my recovery times, I dropped the intensity back down to 7 and allowed my RPM's to drop to about 60.
After my 10 sprints, I did a further 3 minute cool down to allow my HR to return to a near normal level.

Once done, I embarked on my new Ab routine, in which I've cut out doing any side bends, so as to focus on a smaller, more muscular waistline, without building up my side obliques quite as much.

Here is the workout routine, which took me about 35 minutes to complete.

Performed as supersets:
Hanging Knee ups. (Using Aboriginals) 50/50/50
Cable Crunches: 50/50/50

Lying Leg Raises (only up to a 75degree angle) 50:50:50
Ab Crunhes (10lb plate on my chest): 50:50:50

Seated Rotational Twists (using a light barbell - no weights) 50:50:50
Oblique Cable Crunches (Single arm to knee) 30:30:30 (each side)
Hyper Extensions (holding a 10lb plate): 30:30:30

Towards the end of each workset, I may only be able to do 30 reps, rest for a few seconds, and then complete a further 20 reps.

Unfortunately, my Polar Heart Rate watch wasn't working today, so I cannot post how many calories I burned, but form past experiences, I know it was between 700 - 900 calories.

I sipped on water throughout, and made sure I consumed another half liter once done, along with taking a further 5g of L-Glutamine, and 5g BCAA's.

Once home, I prepared the following meal:
Egg White Scramble (6 egg whites, 2 yolks)
Cooked with a little coconut oil

1 slice of slightly toasted dark Rye bread.

1/2 a small avocado

Plus my multivitamins and 1 capsule of EFA.

If interested, you can check out my nutrition planner and create your own options, with full nutritional breakdown

Stay tuned for my weights workout later this evening.

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